Institutional investors services

Governance of your Pension Institution


  • Qualitative analysis of good management taking into account regulatory guidelines, clarity of mission, modus operandi (no conflict of interests, etc), reporting to the board of directors and other stakeholders

  • Investment process audit

  • Organization and responsibilities management


Portfolio strategic challenge


  • Strengthening investment convictions

  • Analysis of the current strategy from a risk budget point of view and Portfolio stress-tests

  • Review of the ALM (demographic structure, need for performance, commitments, cost...)


Portfolio tactic approach


  • Proposal of new investment themes

  • Adjustment of investment styles (passive vs active management, direct vs. delegate, mandates or funds...) and benchmark challenge

  • Selection of investment instruments, managers, global custody, collective foundations

  • Analysis of portfolio cost structure and suggestions.

  • Trading assistance

  • Review and follow-up of the direct real estate portfolio

  • Investment committee investment themes training sessions




  • Monitoring of managers and analysis of their operational efficiency and tactics :deviations, choice of market access methods

  • Providing a scoreboard for governing bodies with an analysis of the efficiency of mandates and compliance with defined investment guidelines

  • Tracking RFV, distribution rate, conversion rate

  • Accompanying operational reorganizations of the portfolio and mandate rebalance methods

  • Peer Group performance and costs analysis